Put Jesus in a box

JOHN 12:12-36

How would people describe you? People have tried to find the right words to explain who Jesus is. What words would you use?

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Put Jesus in a box

How would people describe you? What words would they use? I was doing a course once and the group had to define me. One guy mentioned a lot of things I recognized but he did miss some key elements I felt were crucial in my character.

n this video we see Jesus traveling to Jerusalem one last time. The end was near. He knew this would be his final stay. He knew what would happened. People used old prophecies to define him. He did not protest. He knew they were right.

People around him discovered more and more who he truly was. The crucial elements of his being. He was described as the Messiah, the savior of the world. And to their interpretation of the prophecies, the Messiah would live forever. So when Jesus spoke about his upcoming death, they did not believe and understand. Surely the Messiah would never die.

But he does die but he will also live forever. Hard to comprehend.

Perhaps you have a hard time trying to understand Jesus because you try to fit him into a box. I challenge you to think outside the box when it comes to Jesus. Reconsider your thoughts. He will never fit into our little box of understanding but outside this box you'll find freedom and salvation and eternal life.

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