Serving as a leader

John 13:1-17

What do you think makes a good leader? Authority, strenght? Or being vulnerable? Jesus turns our thinking upside down and is unlike any leader you’ve ever seen.

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Serving as a leader

When I started my first job, I was trained to be a strong leader. My teachers told me to show authority. To hide my weaknesses and portray a strong leader in control. I practiced that for several years. Even when I had my doubts, I would not show them. And I would not involve myself in blue-collar work. Only do the big jobs, fitting for a leader.

This is a very western world view on leadership. But it doesn't resemble Jesus' style. We are coming near the end of his life and he shows us he wants to serve us. Without a doubt he was the leader of the group. Nobody ever questioned his position. But he did turn their vision on leadership upside down. He showed the real serving attitude by doing the work of the lowest servant. He washed their feet. Incredible, unbelievable and hard to understand. Just look at Peters response.

This is the way Jesus wants to build his kingdom. Not by a display of power. Not according to our standards. He wants to serve. A servant leader.

I had to adjust my view on leadership. In my perspective serving was weak, not important and felt negative. But serving people is part of Jesus' kingdom. His movement is to serve people, not to rule over them. I try to adapt his vision on leadership in my work today.
How do you feel about serving? About his kind of leadership?

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