The foreknowledge of Jesus

JOHN 7:1-24

Would you want to know what comes next in your life? Jesus is aware of what lies before him: ultimately death. Yet he trusts in Gods timing.

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The foreknowledge of Jesus

"When you know everything beforehand, you can travel the world for free", someone once told me. And yes, it is a reality: if you have a lot of knowledge, it can save you a lot time.
In our days, foreknowledge is not often allowed and in many cases you will be punished if you act with foreknowledge like in stock trading. But Jesus did have foreknowledge.

Jesus was traveling through his country, Israel. He traveled from the north to the center of the country, Jerusalem. Every year there was a big celebration and people came from all over the land to the city. Jesus brothers tell him to go. But Jesus doesn’t go, because “It is not his time.”. A while later, he says: "Now it is my time." He is very aware of things that no one else sees. He has foreknowledge.

That is one of the things that makes Jesus special. He knows things. Not just back then but in our present too. He knows in advance so he knows what’s best.

And he knew that people wanted to kill him. That is what he predicted. Even despite the good news he shares and the good arguments he had. The authorities debate with him. Jesus does miracles on the Sabbath. In those days the Sabbath was a day of rest and no one was allowed to work. But Jesus knows the the culture and their rules. He counters their accusation by saying that if a boy is born he will be circumcised 8 days later, like the Jewish law demands, even if that is on the Sabbath.

Jesus knew what he was doing. He knew his timing. He knew upfront. Despite all that: he went to the cross to be killed. While he knew upfront. Isn’t that strange?  He was on a mission. For me and you. Get to know more about Jesus.

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