The little details

John 15:26-27 & 16:1-15

What would you do if you knew something bad would inevitably happen to someone you love? Jesus prepares his friends for his suffering.

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The little details

I don’t know how you are wired. Do you want to know everything in detail? I am an engineer and want to understand it all. When I use a machine, I want to figure out how it works. To the smallest detail, even to the level of atoms. But of course this is not needed and mostly tiring. When you drive your car, you don't have to know every detail on how the engine works. When I work on my computer, I don’t need to understand how the electrons are moving. Just push the keys on the keyboard.

Jesus tries to tell his disciples not to worry about every detail. He tells them parts of the upcoming events. Some are really awful things. Hard to understand and it makes them wonder: why? Jesus knows what's to come and if he wanted to, he could tell everything. But knowing everything does not mean we will understand everything. Sometimes we just need to trust Jesus that he will take care of us. In a way he was preparing his disciples. Eventually he will leave them but send his spirit to comfort and guide us. Does that make sense? Like when I know something bad will happen to my children and I can't prevent it, I will try to prepare them and let them know they can always reach me.
Maybe you worry about the little details of life or maybe you have big battles to fight. Trust Jesus to take care of your future and let him comfort you.

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