United in Jesus name

John 17:1-26

Sometimes it seems churches always disagree and fight over details. But this is not Jesus’ desire. His prayer is that all christians unite!

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United in Jesus name

I grew up in a reformed family. I thought what we did in church was the right thing. We had the right doctrine and we knew what Christianity was all about. As I got older and started working for a broadcaster, I remember meeting a Catholic priest. He wanted to talk to me and what a great conversation it was. At the end he wanted to pray together. I was surprised. Praying with a priest? In my mind I had labelled Catholicism as a false doctrine. They weren't doing it right. But as prayed together I felt so connected. The priest and I became united as we prayed in Jesus name.

Jesus' prayer is probably one of the most famous prayers in the world. It is overwhelming. His main prayer topic is: unity. To be united with God and to be united with each other. Perhaps he knew the struggles the church would face. The differences about theological issues. But Jesus says: unite! As christians we need to focus on what unites us, not what separates us. Set aside our differences and unite our hearts.

We need to be one hearted. The world needs to see us united. Jesus sets an example and has inspired so many people all over the world. Muslims, hindoes, atheist, jews. But accepting him as the son of God is the real issue. When we as christians unite we can show the world the true meaning of Jesus sacrifice: unity. We can all have our different ways of worship and celebrate our differences. Let's cheer each other on and show the world we all believe in the same Jesus, the savior of all.

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