What if there was no gravity?

JOHN 6:16-24

As humans we are limited by laws and forces of nature. Jesus however breaks through those limitations and challenges our thinking.

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What if there was no gravity?

When I was young, I imagined a game in which there was no gravity. I could jump from a chair and fly through the room. The shock was big and the crash was hard when I ended up on the floor ;-)

Daily, we’re dealing with our own limitations. Gravity keeps us 'on the ground' we cannot fly. Speed has its limitations. Forces of nature cannot be changed. The wind blows and will not stop in a moment’s time. In fact, it is hard to deal with things we don’t understand.

Does prayer make a difference? If we cannot explain it, how could it change something? Can sick people be healed without the right medicine? We cannot imagine this. Much less, believe in life after death.

In Jesus' life we see that he deals with those limitations. In this part of his biography, we read that he walks on water. That was and is incredible.

He enters the boat and the wind stops. Everyone is confused. The disciples who have known Jesus for a long time. The crowd. They respond with their human interpretation. They must be seeing a ghost. How could Jesus have left while there was only one boat and they left separately? We cannot explain things. That scares us. Makes us insecure.

It is not strange for you to not understand the power of prayer or the promise that there is life after death.

But Jesus is there to comfort you. “Don’t be afraid. It is I.” Trust in Jesus and especially for things we don’t understand.

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