What if….?

John 15:18-25

People often question God because the world is full of suffering. They blame God. What are Gods intentions with us?

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What if....?

In the Netherlands there's a tv-show called “What if?”. This program explores how our reality would change if something would be completely different. What if all ice is melted, what if we have no planes, etc.

As a Christian, I am often asked why there is so much hate, suffering, etc in the world. The question I recently asked myself is: What if the world would work according to God's terms? I believe the world would be an amazing place, like it was in the beginning.  The beauty is that Jesus came to the world to restore how life was created. Love, joy, generous life, no death, sickness, etc. He gave his life in order for us to live life to the full. He did not fight or rebel against his execution. He just let it happen.

Jesus shares what will happen in his life and also later on in the lives of his followers. Because we live in a world that is ruled on the world’s terms and not on God's terms. Jesus shared this with his followers and to us now, so that we know that these are not Gods’ intentions. Jesus made that promise and he gave his life for it. And the spirit of God and Jesus is on the earth to help you and me in the world we live in. To comfort us and to focus on Jesus. The world on Gods’ terms is coming. That will be awesome. Let us try to live on his terms. And if people ask why there is some much suffering, I will answer that this world is not yet according to God's will. But for sure, it will come. Because he promised.

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