What is your conclusion about Jesus?

JOHN 7:25-31

You may have heard many stories and opinions about Jesus. In the end it comes down to the question: what do you think about him?

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What is your conclusion about Jesus?

I have had many discussions with people about Jesus. He seems to be a good man for many people. Inspirational. Who do you think Jesus is? Just a good man? C.S. Lewis, the writer of Narnia, said this: "When you hear Jesus say that he is God ,one of the following must be true. Jesus is a:

  • Lunatic: Jesus was not God, but he mistakenly believed that he was.
  • Liar: Jesus was not God, and he knew it, but he said so anyway.
  • Lord: Jesus is God.

In this part of Jesus’ life, people are also having debates. Who is Jesus really?

We try to get real proof of everything. We only believe what we see, and even then we doubt. Authorities deny that Jesus is the Messiah. People who saw Jesus at work say: “When the Messiah comes, will he perform even more miracles than this man has?” They realize: "No! He must be the Messiah."

They believed, as a matter of choice. Believing also making a decision. Later on, many people of that crowd have an encounter with Jesus and find out that he was able to conquer death. They saw it because they believed.

I think that is true for today as well. We can talk a lot about it. We can see him as a good man, a teacher, an inspiration. But when you listen to him carefully: You should say: He is God. That is what Lewis explained.

The question to you is: Who do you think Jesus is? Let’s make it clear: Lunatic, Liar or Lord?

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