What is your motive?

JOHN 12:1-11

When you love someone, you want to express that love. You want to make them feel all your love. But how?

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What is your motive?

I am a rational person. Most of the time I will think before I act. Helpful in most cases. My actions are thought through well. But sometimes my emotions rise above the surface. Like when I feel how much I love my wife, I will buy her flowers. An act of love. I listen to my heart.

We look at the story again but this time focus on Mary.

In this story we see an act of love by Mary. She wants to show her love to Jesus. She bought expensive perfume for Jesus. Let's say No. 1. I don't have to give expensive perfume to my wife (if only I could afford it!) but if I do, I'm sure she would feel loved. That's Mary's reason. She expressed her heart by giving this expensive gift. She wants to show Jesus how much she loves him. Even though she didn't need to.

But Judas becomes angry. He questions her motives. He blames her for not spending her money wisely. She could have given the money to poor people. Judas reveals his own motives. He wasn't interested in helping the poor, he did not do so himself. He was the treasurer and wanted control the money and keep some for himself.

Check your own heart. Check your own motives. Bring them in line with Jesus' principles and express love.

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