You are guilty!

JOHN 8:1-11

We all judge people for making mistakes yet we all make mistakes too. In this story Jesus protects an adulterous woman for the condemnation of her community. Why?

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You are guilty!

It happens to me all the time. I try to blame people for the mistakes that I make. “Where were you? I was looking for you!” While I left home too late. Shame on me! Someone told me once: When you point your finger at someone,  three fingers are pointing back at you.

In Jesus’ life, people were often trying to catch Jesus on a mistake.

This time, they caught a woman who committed adultery. A huge crime in those days. Strangely enough we don’t hear about the man, who should have been involved surely.

The spiritual leaders ask Jesus what to do. According to their law, the woman should be given the death penalty. It is clear that Jesus doesn’t want to answer this question. In his mind that is not the solution to what had happened. They keep pushing Jesus to answer so he puts a mirror in front of all the people. Have you never made a mistake? Do you have a clear conscience? For Jesus, that is the key element.Everyone on this planet makes mistakes. So, let’s not try to see who's better or worse. The key is: we all need forgiveness.

Everyone disappears. They admit they make mistakes too. And then, Jesus is alone with the woman. And you know, Jesus was without mistakes. He did not do any sins. He had the right to condemn her. But he didn’t.

This is also the case for you. Whatever you did wrong, go to Jesus, confess your mistakes and he will set you free. That was the whole purpose of his life. Setting people free.

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