VOLUNTEER // E-coach

For the online followup and guidance of the online courses, we are looking for e-coaches. The e-coaches will talk to visitors of the website or social media channels or guide participants in the online courses.

The reactions you will have to deal with as an e-coach are very different. There are visitors who commit their lives to God for the first time or again. Others have all kinds of (life) questions that cannot be answered immediately. In other cases you may accompany someone for a longer period of time in one of the online courses. Or you have contact through the chat.

The method we use for online aftercare is Question Driven Coaching. By asking the right questions we want to help people discover things for themselves.

To learn this way of coaching we invite new e-coaches to follow the obligatory basic training. After that training, you will not be left alone as an e-coach. If you find questions difficult to answer, you can always fall back on someone with more experience.

For e-coaches, we have the following requirements.

An e-coach:

  • Has a personal relationship with God.
  • Loves people.
  • Is an (active) member of a church or congregation.
  • Has knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith.
  • Gathers intercessors around him and prays himself for the people contacted.
  • Has a minimum age of 18 years.
  • Has a learning attitude.
  • Commits to responding in a timely manner to the contacts they have.
  • Handles everything people tell them with great confidentiality.
  • Attends the meetings that are offered, such as the basic training, any coaching calls, and (regional group) meetings, etc.
  • Is available on average about 3 hours per week.
  • Has access to a good computer / laptop.

Are you interested? If you sign up, we will contact you and invite you to the basic training. If you have another question, please email: [email protected].