What is the Global Day of Forgiveness?

Have you heard of it before: Global Day of Forgiveness? You maybe didn’t write down this day in your agenda but why not? On July 7, the world reflects on: forgiveness. 

The importance of forgiveness

This is a difficult topic that we all have to deal with from time to time. People can hurt or disappoint you or maybe you are disappointed in yourself. On this Global Day of Forgiveness you will reflect on the importance of forgiveness. For the other but sometimes especially for yourself. 

In 1994 some Canadians from the team at the Christian organization CECA (Christian Embassy of Christ’s Ambassadors) came up with this special day. Why? They wanted one moment in the year to reflect on forgiveness and pinned July 7 to the calendar. As a kind of kickstarter or motivation to forgive. By making it a holiday, they also tried to make it a shared moment. You are not alone. 

Who invented this day?

Soon this day was picked up in other countries and thus ended up on the global calendar with holidays. And there is even competition. Because on August 1, the International Day of Forgiveness is celebrated. Yet another club that is working with the theme. So you see how important people think this theme is. 

Forgiveness is difficult

Forgiveness is extremely difficult. Therefore this day is not meant to be some kind of magical day where it suddenly becomes very easy. The Global Day of Forgiveness is mainly meant to make you think. If you have been hurt, it can be carried around like a heavy burden. As a result maybe your entire life. Forgiveness can help take those heavy stones out of your backpack. How long do you want to carry these stones around? Firstly this day can be an opportunity to start a conversation or to make the choice for yourself to forgive. This can be quite a liberation. 

Secondly did you know that forgiving is healthy? Several studies show that people who are able to forgive (themselves or others) are happier, experience less stress and feel better about themselves. 

How can I reflect on the Global Day of Forgiveness?

  1. FORGIVE | Firstly take a moment to reflect on the people who have hurt you and make a conscious decision to forgive them. Sometimes it can help to take an action. For example, pick up a stone and write their name on it. Find a nice spot along the water and throw the stone into the water as far as you can. Release it. 

2. ASK FORGIVENESS | Secondly are you yourself troubled by something you have done? See this day as an opportunity to consciously take a step to ask for forgiveness. Send that person a card or call. Take a step in which you show the other person that you are sorry. 

3. LET GO | Thirdly make a list of people you are angry with. These don’t always have to be personal contacts. They can also be politicians, famous people or ancestors. It could be that you get incredibly worked up about certain things or people. This day can also give you a moment of reflection and detach yourself from that anger. 

4. WATCH A MOVIE | Go see a movie with the theme of forgiveness such as Invictus or Les Miserables. Click here for more movie tips! 

5. READ STORIES | Be inspired by personal stories about the struggle to forgive like Corrie ten Boom: “I forgave the man who was co-responsible for my sister’s death.” Or Desmond Tutu: “To forgive is to set yourself free.”

6. BE INSPIRED | Be inspired by what Jesus said about forgiveness

Would you like to continue talking about forgiveness? Send a message through the contact form and our e-coaches would love to hear your story. You can also do a course on forgiveness, together with an e-coach.

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