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St. Anthony of Egypte

I don’t know

Did you ever encounter a difficult discussion about faith? Sometimes you find treasures in the old stories of believers in the first centuries of Christianity. Like this ancient story about an old monk who was asked about his opinion.

Christ by Rembrandt

What did Jesus look like?

Do you have any idea what Jesus did actually look like? To be honest, we don’t know. And in different cultures, people have different ideas. Recent research is giving some clues about how the average person in Jesus’ time looked like.

Stations of the cross

The Stations of the Cross

In the period of Lent, the weeks of fasting prior to Easter, there is a tradition to meditate upon the journey Christ took to Calvary. Please take your time to reflect on the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Grand Hotel Following Bomb Attack 1984

He forgave the man who tried to kill him

Harvey Thomas was the spokesman of the British prime minister Margaret Thatcher at the time a bomb attack was committed on the hotel they stayed. Years later, Harvey forgave the man who tried to kill him and became friends with him.

Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci

The Story of the Last Supper

The painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most iconic paintings in Western art history. There’s a lot to say about this painting and the story behind it.

Banksy - There is always hope

Overlooked Value

You probably walked by the most valuable item, but you didn’t recognize… A story about Banksy, an iconic but unknown artist.

drinking coffee

Everything is spiritual

Often there’s said that people just need to reason and then the need for religion and spirituality automatically disappears. But is that true? Is spirituality just for the areas we don’t understand?

Anno Domini (the year of our Lord)

Anno Domini

Did you know our agenda is aligned with Jesus? We talk about ‘Anno Domini’ when talking about a certain year. Who is this Jesus who has so much influence?