The beginning – a dream from God – by Mareike

My school time was hard for me, I was bullied and hurt with words. People said bad things about my body structure, my look and my appearance. Often I came home from school and cried and spoke bad things over myself and my life.

How God healed a Roma horse

Many Turkish speaking Roma find Christ after experiencing a healing. God even healed a horse upon prayer!

The gospel spreads among truck drivers

In West Africa, truck driving is a dangerous and stressful job. When Christians started reaching out to the truck drivers, they made a real difference.

Church planters in Kenya lead 211 to Christ during pandemic

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Jonas decided to use his own income to buy food to share with the needy.

How Acts still happens today

Download this free e-book on how the book of Acts in the Bible is still happening in many places around the world. Exciting stuff!

The boy who could not read, hear or talk

In Nepal the church grows strongly, often with miracles. Take the story of 18 year old Tilak, a deaf-mute teenager.

A real sharing community

The first church was marked by the fact that the Christians had everything in common. There was no need among them. This is also demonstrated today in Taiwan.

97,344 people accepted Christ in Rwanda

A record-breaking 97,344 people accepted Christ in baptism during a two-week evangelistic outreach by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rwanda. The baptisms took place at 2,227 sites across the African country.

Global Representative for Germany –

Global representative consultant to develop working relationships with leaders and ministries and to help process the Bible Plans for launch in the Bible App. This position is for 3 days a week.

How Muslims meet Jesus in dreams and visions

Almost 25% of Muslims that come to Jesus encounter Him through dreams and visions. Check out these encouraging testimonies!

When the Holy Spirit fell on a group of students

When the Holy Spirit fell on a group of university students, this kickstarted a renewal movement.