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You probably walked by the most valuable item, but you didn't recognize...

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Protest Artist

Banksy is an artist whose art is popping up everywhere in the world. Often as a tough protest, a painful reflection on society. Without asking he paints and creates his pieces of art. Often these become iconical objects for a city or icons for an era.

The true identity of the artist is still a mystery. That makes this artist also attractive. And, you never know where the next piece of art will appear, stirring up a protest, or offering another view on modern day society.


One Day In New York

A few years ago Banksy did a project in New York. Without announcing one day he was setting up a stall to sell his art. That day he just made a few hundred dollars.

The people buying his canvasses didn't know that the value of these pieces of art sometimes was more than $20.000,-. The majority of the people just walked by, having no clue, no idea they just ignored the bargain of the century.



You wish you passed by the stall, you recognized the artist and you would buy everything available. But you didn't and almost everyone didn't.

Banksy : I Love NY

Not knowing what you're looking at, not knowing what to look for, that is often the reason you don't value the true value of something.

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Knowing in the case of Banksy, knowing something is from this mysterious artist makes a huge difference! Otherwise, it's just vandalism by some spray-artist. The artist is making the difference.

The moment you know, you will look differently at graffiti art somewhere on a city wall.


Crazy difference

Because people didn't know...

... they didn't look.

Follow your dreams cancelled banksy

Crazy, isn't it? Knowing the worth of something makes the difference. Or you know, or you don't know. You know the value or you don't. And if you don't, you will just pass by like everybody else.


Do you know the Artist?

Talking about precious and valuable things... do you know your own value? Maybe you never thought about it. Let's ask the question slightly different: do you know who is your artist, your creator?

One original thought : Banksy

Why is knowing this important?

Well, the artist is defining the value of a piece of art. If a piece of art is from Vincent van Gogh or from one of his pupils, that makes an enormous difference! Only a true Van Gogh will give it a huge value.

Knowing you have a creator, knowing you have someone who thoughtfully created you, is giving you a hint of your value.


Your true value

The stories about encountering unexpectedly valuable things remain inspiring. Did you ever think about yourself in this way? That you are (maybe unexpected) valuable and precious?

background banksy keep it real

Do you feel nothing special? Well, remind yourself about the artist with whose hands you are created. And, above that, the creator (the Bible is talking about God) has an interesting story with his creation. It's still worth everything for him.

How can you know that?

Well, the Bible tells the story of God sending a saviour, to save his own creation from despair, from sorrow, from the darkness and the hopelessness. In this case, the creator gives everything to save his creation.

And that defines your true value.

So now you know.


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