Psalm 139

It is difficult for people to know themselves. It’s often easier to understand the world around you, right? But knowing yourself is understanding the greatness of the Creator. And look. Stand in front of a mirror. Look closely. Smile. Pull a face. Yes, that’s you. Please smile back at that face. Because you are amazing. Maybe you do know that, but you don’t feel it. Or you have forgotten it.

In Psalm 139 King David is in awe. And for a reason.

The God who created you, He also knows you. He knows your thoughts. He knows where you go and where you stay. Try not to flee from Him, because you cannot. Try to climb into the heavens. Of course, you will find God there. You can descend into the realm of death but also there God is with you.

He’s there in good days and He’s there in the dark days. That’s why this very old poem is so comforting. God is everywhere and you cannot escape his presence. If you are in the light, God is there. If you are in the darkness, God is there. If you are in heaven, God is there. If you are in hell, God is there.

Psalm 139 says it like this: ​

‘If I ascend to heaven, you are there!
​If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!’

Take a selfie. And look. What a miracle you are. God was there at your very beginning. He knew you, even before that moment. Maybe you are born into a loving family. Lucky you! And what a blessing. Maybe you were not so lucky. You know, that made no difference. The creator saw you, the miracle you are. And whoever you are, He will be there. Always.

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