Last Supper Leonardo Da Vinci

The Story of the Last Supper

The painting of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci...

Anno Domini (the year of our Lord)

Anno Domini

Did you know our agenda is aligned with Jesus? We...

Banksy - There is always hope

Overlooked Value

You probably walked by the most valuable item, but you didn’t recognize… A story about Banksy, an iconic but unknown artist.

drinking coffee

Everything is spiritual

Often there’s said that people just need to reason and then the need for religion and spirituality automatically disappears. But is that true? Is spirituality just for the areas we don’t understand?

Anno Domini (the year of our Lord)

Anno Domini

Did you know our agenda is aligned with Jesus? We talk about ‘Anno Domini’ when talking about a certain year. Who is this Jesus who has so much influence?

You are precious!

I don’t know the state of your heart or life, but I know one thing: again today, a miracle is possible. Whatever your need is, God can meet it.

I love you…at all times

God is with you every single day. That is His promise. He is with you every moment. In everything you’re going through.

Does God condemn you?

In the Bible, we see that Jesus reaches out to sinners. He doesn’t turn away from them, and He doesn’t judge them. On the contrary, He welcomes them with open arms. He is compassionate and forgiving.

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A Reason to Live – by Joe

“If this is all there is, then what’s the point?”

That describes how I felt about life as a young adult. My life lacked purpose and fulfillment. I just existed.

I found Jesus – by Kate

God has done so many great things in my life. He has helped me through tough times and answered so many prayers – even the small everyday things. At times when I have been greatly stressed I learnt to give all my worry over to him and as a result felt complete peace and joy in the midst of all that was going on – and that is simply incredible!

Trying to Prove Myself to the world – by Jeremy

So, I was lying face down on my bed. It was about 4am, one night in my first year at university and I was feeling absolutely exhausted, but my heart was still pumping with the caffeine from red bull & pro plus.

Something Worth Believing In – by Becky

Two weeks after the funeral I returned to The University for my second year. It wasn’t the same; I missed my dad. I spent my days feeling sad and then trying not to feel sad. Mostly I attempted this by drinking, comfort eating, skipping lectures and finding comfort in different relationships.

To Live – by Holly

Dead. I wanted to be dead. I wanted Death’s arms to envelope me and take me from this life: a life full of pain, abuse, abandonment, disappointment, hatred; I didn’t want it anymore. Oh, sweet surrender! Come Death, come!

Cross of Christ


The 40 days from Carnival until Easter are called Lent. Forty days of reflection, looking forward to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Many Christians will live a more temperate lifestyle than usual.

Palm Sunday in Moskou

Palm Sunday

The last Sunday before Easter. At the beginning of Holy Week. The day that Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem as King. But within a week he was crucified.

Crown of thorns

Good Friday

On Good Friday Christians worldwide are commemorating that Jesus was sentenced to death and crucified. Religious leaders asked the Roman leaders to arrest Jesus for blasphemy. The story ends when He is crucified and died on a cross, just outside of Jerusalem.

Clouds above trees

Ascension Day

Christians celebrate that...

The Float of the King Carnival parading in Patras, Greece


The Catholic festival...



The Germans celebrated...

flower garden


What is the...


Epiphany or Three Kings’ Day

What is Epiphany...

Crown of thorns

Good Friday

On Good Friday...

SandyTales - Zaccheus


There was a man with a lot of money but hated. Jesus wanted to meet with this man. What was following is a life-changing meeting.

SandyTales - Woman at the well

The woman at the well

Once Jesus was waiting at a well during a hot summer day. He encountered a woman there. Then he started talking to her…

SandyTales - The Lords Prayer

The Lords prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is a venerated Christian prayer that, according to the New Testament, Jesus taught as the way to pray.

SandyTales - Zaccheus


There was a...

SandyTales - Woman at the well

The woman at the well

Once Jesus was...

SandyTales - The Lords Prayer

The Lords prayer

The Lord’s Prayer...

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