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Jesus, then and now

history at its lowest and highest point

Jesus was a Jewish preacher who lived around the beginning of our era. More precisely, our era is tailored to his year of birth. Christians see him as the central figure of faith: Jesus is the savior of the world. For others, he is a great source of inspiration. 

Everyone agrees that it is a historical fact that Jesus lived. Much of what we know about him is from the various reports about his life and his message that you find in the Bible. You also have to conclude that Jesus lived on the basis of sources from outside the Bible. Who was Jesus and what was his life like? 

The Biography of Jesus

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About Jesus' life

Jesus lived around the beginning of our era. We celebrate his birth during Christmas and we remember his death and resurrection on Good Friday and Easter. Around the time he was 30 years old, he started a public career. He was a preacher, he performed miracles, and many people followed him. 

The Bible

What's up with that book?

Book vs Library

Some people see the Bible as just an ancient book with fairy tales. For others, they find inspiration and life in this remarkable book. The Bible is not just one book, it’s more like a collection of books written in a period of 1500 years by many authors in different cultures and languages. 

Jesus' stories

Sand drawings of Bible stories.

Stories of the Bible.

Through Sandy Tales we’re telling the ancient Bible stories through sand art. All these stories are opening windows to God’s reality.

Jesus and religion

What others think, say, and believe

Maybe it’s not something you expect, but Jesus wasn’t a Christian. But he is the central figure of the Christian faith. Around the world, more than 2 billion people call themselves Christian. It’s a multi-colored group of people in different cultures and different worldviews, but all inspired by Jesus and united by their faith in Jesus.

The Birth of the Church

Where it all started.

Expect the unexpected.

You should expect it would stop with the death of a leader. But many people testified that Jesus is alive and the Christian movement started. It will surprise you, but there is really only one church. The church has, however, many different forms and cultures.

Jesus in other religions

What do others say?

He inspires us all

Jesus Christ is, of course, the center of the Christian faith. But he has also his place in other religions. Islam, Atheïsm, Buddism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism. 

Did you know there are many days in the year you're celebrating a part of the life of Jesus? But do you know what is actually celebrated? Do you know what Carnival has to do with Jesus, and do you know what the story of Christmas is besides 'All I want for Christmas is You'? Do you know the deeper meaning of Easter and Ascension Day?

Jesus, the artist

Inspired by Jesus

For a long part of history, the Christian faith was a central part of society with the church often as a literal center of a city or a village. That’s why you see all these christian symbols everywhere in the world. Religion is always a huge source of inspiration for art and music. If you wanna see it, you see Jesus everywhere.

Jesus in Music

What does it sound like?

Expect the unexpected.

Music plays a big role in the Christian faith. Hymns and psalms are sang all around the globe in- and outside churches. Get to know the wide variety of music inspired by Jesus in classical and popular music. 

Jesus in art

The most famous paintings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus in art

Jesus is depicted throughout history in paintings and statues. There are many stories to tell about Jesus, and it’s interesting how all these different artists are translating a story into art. 

Jesus and me

What others experienced

There are so many people telling you their story about how Jesus changed their life. And it’s not a simple formula or for everyone the same.


How Jesus changed their lives.

Stories of real people.

There are so many people telling you their story about how Jesus changed their lives. And it’s not a simple formula or for everyone the same. We are all loved by our Creator. We are all on our journey through our lives. We all carry our history and experiences with us. We all need a Saviour.

Inspiration for every day

How to stay connected.

How to stay connected.

It’s so easy to forget the great things God is promising mankind. It’s so easy to start worrying. Get your daily inspiration by reading the Bible, receiving inspirational messages and more.

Where to start?

Following jesus

The Christian Faith is not something for your brains only. It’s something that is defining for the every day life. Many times Jesus asked the people to follow him. Also he said it will not be easy. He described it as ‘take up your cross and follow me’. But also he promised he will be there so you are not alone in the dark.

How to be a christian

What does that even mean?

Following Jesus

Some people are Christian because they were born in a Christian family. Others had to choose to follow Jesus. For some it’s a very risky step, because it means a life of persecution that waits. What does it mean to be a Christian?

Do you want to start?

How Jesus transformes lifes.

jesus, everyday

Are you inspired by Jesus, or touched by his love and kindness? You can walk daily with Jesus, discover how!

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Adopt your Heavenly Father’s view!

Your Heavenly Father doesn’t think, speak, or act like a human being does. He is perfectly unique and superior in His way of seeing things. His view of a situation is always just, imbued with holiness. 

Your destiny can change!

I don’t know whether or not you have good memories of your grammar lessons. But today, I’d like to take you back there for a moment! Our verse of the day starts with a little word that’s so important, even though it’s just three letters long: the word “for.”

Get ready to throw out the old clothes!

I invite you to get rid of your old clothes by laying it at the foot of the cross and never taking it up again! No matter your past or where you’ve come from, believe that God is faithful and that He’ll help you walk in newness of life with Him!


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