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Come sit at the feet of the last living disciple of Jesus. The Apostle John walked and talked with Jesus and he never forgot it. In your own personal journey of John, discover new things about Jesus you’ll never forget:

  • In John 1-12, walk with Jesus through His first three years of ministry.
  • In John 13-21, follow Jesus in His final three weeks on earth.

Everything John writes is meant to help Jesus’ followers grow in their faith in God. This is one of the greatest books of the Bible. Experience it for yourself for the next 21 days.

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John 1 – What Really Happened “in the Beginning”?

The Gospel of John is one of the easiest books to read, yet one of the most profound Gospels to understand. We might get the surface meaning easily enough. But to understand the deep truths, we need Jesus to be our teacher.

John 2 – Who is Jesus anyway?

John tells everyone that Jesus is the Messiah and the Savior they’ve been looking and waiting for. When John’s disciples, Andrew and Phillip, heard this, they followed Jesus down the road to ask Him questions. Jesus invited them, “Come and see.” He offers you this invitation as well today.

John 3 – Born again? That’s crazy.

When Jesus arrived at the temple, He became furious because by what He saw. People looking to make a profit from religious rituals were making the sacred cheap and ripping off the people who came to worship. Jesus made a whip and scattered the marketers and animals.

John 4 – Are you thirsty?

Jesus meets people intentionally and at the perfect time. In Jerusalem, Jesus’ words and actions stirred up a lot of controversy and so, rather than create a crisis before the right time, Jesus left for Galilee.

John 5 – Look to Jesus

Jesus continued to heal people and became more popular, and the religious leaders started paying attention. What happens here in John 5 marks the turning point in Jesus’ time on earth.

John 6 – 5 Hamburger buns and 2 sardines

In the week leading up to Passover in Jesus’ second year of teaching, we see Him in action and learn from Him the depths of who He is and why He’s come. By then, Jesus was famous for His miracles.

John 7 – Jesus invites you to receive true life

After Jesus describes Himself as the Bread of Life, He prepares His disciples for their last Passover together, the basis for the Lord’s Supper we observe today.  

John 8 – Scribbling in the sand

Imagine the scene: The Lord is sitting in the temple, teaching. From the corner of the temple mount there’s an uproar. Some religious rulers drag in a half-dressed, disheveled woman through the gate. This is cruel to the woman and a trap to catch Jesus…

John 9 – Why the blind man saw

One day when Jesus and His disciples walked around Jerusalem, they saw a man who had been blind since birth. The disciples asked Jesus the cause of this man’s blindness—was it sin?

John 10 – Jesus as Massiah and Shepherd

Using the picture of a sheepfold, Jesus says to the religious leaders that He came in by the door, making Him the shepherd of the sheep. Others climb in some other way, but He came in legally and in an orderly manner. 

John 11 – Does Jesus really have power of death?

So, does Jesus have power over death? To answer that, the Gospel of John takes us to the home of siblings, Martha, Mary, and Lazarus – good friends of Jesus. The sisters got word to Jesus that Lazarus was sick. 

John 12 – A different kind of King

Jesus could have been crowned king without going to the cross that day, but then we could never be saved. He must go to the cross if He’s to be our Savior. 

John 13 – A private conversation

In John 13, the disciples get a good foot-washing. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet purposefully. He knew His time was short, so in doing this He took the place of a servant and identified Himself with who were considered the least important people.

John 14 – Help for troubled hearts

Some messages are for emergencies—that is John 14. This chapter has cushioned the shock for millions of believers even to this present moment. Jesus says, “Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me”.

John 15 – Harvesting fruit

Jesus’ words were revolutionary. He’s telling men whose roots run deep in the Old Testament that religion or nationality is not important anymore—you must be joined to Him. 

John 16 – Where peace is found

Jesus finishes up His last private talk while He and His men walk to Gethsemane. Back in John 14, Jesus promised them a glorious future with Him, but He made it clear that to follow Him means to forsake all and sacrifice.

John 17 – The real Lord’s prayer

Jesus turns from talking to the disciples to talking with His Father. He invites us to eavesdrop on His prayer so that we might know what He prays for us today. If you did not to pray this morning, He did. He remembered you.

John 18 – Jesus’ final day

We’ve come to Jesus’ final days. After an evening celebrating the Passover in the upper room, Jesus leads His men to a garden near the Mount of Olives. That was His normal place to go with His disciples, and of course, Judas knew that…

John 19 – Dark versus truth

All night Jesus is led from Caiaphas, to the Sanhedrin, to Herod Agrippa, and to Pilate. He is struck, mocked, ridiculed, and scourged, yet He yields Himself to the humiliation. 

John 20 – The meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice

What is the Gospel? That Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. These are the great, central facts of the Gospel. 

John 21 – Breakfast with Jesus

What do you do when you’re afraid? The disciples hid behind locked doors. But that didn’t stop Jesus from coming to the disciples in His new, glorified body. He showed them the scars on His hands and His side to convince them it was Him…

Stories of God at work...

“I like the book of Revelation most of all, because it describes clearly that we will be with our Lord, with our families, that God will wipe away all tears, there will be no death, no pain, no sorrow, for the former things are passed away (Revelation 22:4). Your Bible teaching explains even the hardest things to understand in a very simple manner. We are very thankful for the good examples you give us on how we can live each day for our Lord.”

- Tatiana in Moscow, Russia

“I learned from Thru the Bible that the way of Jesus is not religion. His word is the Word of God and He Himself is the Word of God. Some Muslims from our country said to me one day that I should be ashamed to leave my religion. I answered them with all peace, saying: ‘It is true, I have left my religion, my practices and all that follows. I left all that is within me to receive all of what belongs to God in Jesus Christ.’ This answer closed their mouths. Pray for us.”

- Someone from an Arabic-speaking nation

“I am an evangelist, and drive a taxi to earn a living. It also gives me a lot of opportunity to share the Gospel. Your radio programs are an important part of that. Whenever Thru the Bible comes on, I switch on my radio. Whoever is in my taxi hears it. Often people ask whether it is a CD or a tape. When they hear it is a radio program, they listen very attentively. After the program, I easily talk about my beliefs, and as they leave, I am sure to tell them where they can listen again. Thank you for helping me be a light in the community.”

- Uri, a taxi driver in Bulgaria

about the author: Dr. J. Vernon McGee

At the core of Thru the Bible is the conviction that the Bible is true and trustworthy. We believe God uses His Word uniquely in our lives to change the way we think, believe, and live.

How does He do this? We believe that, in part, He does this by telling us His own story: The story of His love. He shows us how He opens the way for us to know Him, and grow deeper day by day in how we trust Him. It’s a beautiful story that gets better every time you hear it.

It’s the story Thru the Bible tells every day on the radio and now online and invites people to join in.

Dr. J. Vernon McGee, our founder and teacher, loved to tell the story more than anything else in the world. He began teaching on the radio in 1941 and continued until he died in 1988. Thru the Bible now takes Dr. McGee’s Bible teaching to every country on earth.

While teaching the Bible, Dr. McGee said, “The only way you and I are going to stay close to Jesus is to stay close to His Word. When you spend time studying the Bible, you can’t help but be drawn in to the joy of walking close to Jesus.”

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“The words in the gospel of John are simple, but the meaning is deep... John is the most profound Gospel, more spiritual than the other three. It was written to help us grow in our hearts towards God.”

– Dr. J. Vernon McGee

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