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Sandy Tales are Bible stories through sand art. God’s stories with mankind through all the centuries are bringing hope, comfort, and life and are connecting people with God. So, be inspired by these beautiful stories, open your heart and let the stories change you!

“Your work on Sandy Tales is remarkable and will be a great addition to explain the Bible in our ministry”

Main features

  • In every story, treasures are hidden. Find them…!
  • Use the stories to teach spiritual lessons
  • Use the stories in your family, in the classroom or Sunday school.


You cannot imagine humanity without the stories we tell each other. All these stories are defining how we are living our lives. Through Sandy Tales, we’re telling the ancient Bible stories through sand art. All these stories are opening windows to God’s reality.



Be inspired and take the chance to share the stories through sand in your own language

Time and budget

It all depends on how you want to use it. Talk to our Sandy Tales team!