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Some people see the Bible as just an ancient book with fairy tales. For others, they find inspiration and life in this remarkable book. The Bible is not just one book, it’s more like a collection of books written in a period of 1,500 years by many authors in different cultures and languages.

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What are the names of God?

We see the word ‘god’ in many religions. Often the gods also have their own names. In Christianity, God is also often addressed by the word God. Why? Because Christians…

Holy trinity, what is it?

When we read the Bible, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit are mentioned. In a way as if they belong together. They are also known as…

The Bible

The word “Bible” comes from a Greek word that simply means book or scroll. More than 5 billion copies of this book have been printed. It is the number one…

The Good Samaritan

This Sandy Tales video tells the story of a man travelling by myself. He gets robbed and is left wounded beside the road.

The conversion of Paul

Saul destroyed the community of the followers of Jesus. He had no intention of stopping the persecution.


There was a man with a lot of money, but hated. Jesus wanted to meet with this man.

Feeding the multitude

A huge crowd followed Jesus to listen to his words. How are you going to feed 5000 people, without shops nearby?

Jesus blesses the children

Jesus blesses the children and he says that we should be open to the Kingdom of God in the same way as children.

Are the Gospels reliable?

There will be no end to the debate on whether or not the gospels in the Bible are reliable. These books were penned centuries ago and there simply isn’t any hard evidence for historians to use. Here a summary of the existing opinions.