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The Biography of Jesus

Who is Jesus?

Jesus lived between the years 0 and 33. In fact, we start counting in our era with the birth of Jesus. When you want to know more about people of the past, we read their biography. During Biblical times, some people wrote about Jesus' life to get to know Him. John, son of Zebedee, wrote about Him in the first century and as we speak this book is still read by a lot of people.


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Jesus lived around the beginning of our era. We celebrate his birth during Christmas and we remember his death and resurrection on Good Friday and Easter. Around the time he was 30 years old, he started a public career. He was a preacher, he did miracles, and many people followed him. 

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The Life of Jesus

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In his public life, Jesus had twelve companions with whom he shared his life and experiences. Who were these closest friends of Jesus? Find here a short explanation about their names and their lives... Read it »



God’s Word Becomes Flesh

Have you ever read the biography of Michael Jackson? Or another inspiring person, like Ghandi, or Banksy. A lot of times these are written because we’d like to remember the things they’ve accomplished. The most read biography in the world is about Jesus and is written by John of Zebedee. In this biography he calls Him the Word of God and this Word was the source of life. Sounds like someone who accomplished quite something, right? How is that not interesting to read at least once?

Testimony of John the Baptist

Are you a rational person like I am? More focused on facts, instead of emotions? Lately I start to realize I’m becoming more open for symbolic meanings. A picture of my mother who passed away, or a burning candle to remember a loved one. John got a lot of attention by baptising people, what did this action mean? John makes it clear that this is a symbol for new life. After him Jesus will come and he will make the change from the inside. What do you think about symbols?

Jesus Gathers Disciples

When do you believe something is true? Just hearing about something is not enough for us, we have to google it, see and hear for ourselves. In the time Jesus started to work and became known, a lot of rumors were going around about him. Who is he? Where does he live? Where was he born? Can he be the prophet that was promised hundreds of years before? This part of Jesus life describes how curious people actually were. Peter was brought to Jesus by his brother Andrew. Philip convinced Nathanael to look for Jesus. After they went for themselves they were overwhelmed by Jesus. How about you?

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