The Life of Jesus

A Biography

The biography of Jesus is told by one of his closest followers who was also a first-hand witness of His life. John, son of Zebedee, is known for his work mostly reffered to as 'The Gospel of John'. One of the four major accounts about the life of Jesus.

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The bio of a word?

Do you like reading biographies? Finding out about the lives of well-known people? I challenge you to start reading the most populair biography in the world. About…Jesus!

Is faith emotional or rational?

Are you an emotional or a rational person? In this story we meet John who expresses himself by using symbols. Does that make sense to you?

Is it really true?

Can you believe it? We often need proof in order to believe something is true! We want to see it with our own eyes. In this story people want to find out who Jesus is. Not by hearing about him but by meeting him in person.

I think Christianity is boring!

Do you think Christians are boring? Read this story about Jesus at a wedding and how he keeps the party going!

Your mother is a …

Has someone ever offended your mother or father? People think that if you’re a Christian you can’t get mad. But when someone offended God, Jesus was outraged!

I wonder who Jesus is….

A lot of people are curious about Jesus and want to learn more about him. Sometimes in secret. Meet Nicodemus, an important leader, who doesn’t want anyone to know he wants to meet Jesus.