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The Biography of Jesus

Who is Jesus?

Jesus lived between the years 0 and 33. In fact, we start counting in our era with the birth of Jesus. When you want to know more about people of the past, we read their biography. During Biblical times, some people wrote about Jesus' life to get to know Him. John, son of Zebedee, wrote about Him in the first century and as we speak this book is still read by a lot of people.


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Jesus lived around the beginning of our era. We celebrate his birth during Christmas and we remember his death and resurrection on Good Friday and Easter. Around the time he was 30 years old, he started a public career. He was a preacher, he did miracles, and many people followed him. 

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The Life of Jesus

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Blind man healed

I was asking questions all the time while I was not really paying attention. I was just hiding my own attitude of being distracted by asking “smart” questions. In the story of Jesus’ life today, we see people ask questions to Jesus, but Jesus sees the real heart behind it. 

Pharisees interrogate the blind man

It is hard to know if you can trust a person. I have been working with a guy that I really liked. Unfortunately, I found out I could not trust him with finances. It was a hard lesson. The lesson for me is that I need to look at the fruits of people. What has their life produced?