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Jesus lived between the years 0 and 33. In fact, we start to count in our era with the birth of Jesus. When you want know more about people of the past, we read the biography of people. It happens there are several people who wrote about Jesus’ life. John, son of Zebedee, wrote about Jesus life. This is written in the first centurie and all the last 20 centuries it is still there and many people love to read it. This century, a movie is made based on the complete text of the book that John wrote: The Life of Jesus. You can get to know Jesus by viewing this movie. It’s free! ​


In this Easter video series, we follow the last 8 days of Jesus’s life. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to see a new video every day until Easter!
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Jesus said many inspiring things in His life on earth, which are written down by his followers. He made statements that still mean a lot to billions of people. Statements that tell us more about the greatness of Jesus. Statements that are still relevant today!​
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