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On repeat we celebrate holidays we have thanks to Jesus. For a lot of us this means we have days off. Where did this tradition start and what makes these days so important for so many?

Where was Jesus born? Everything about Christmas

What is celebrated at Christmas time? Why is this baby of Joseph and Mary so important? Discover where Jesus born and why.

Ascension Day

On Ascension Day Christians look back on the event of Jesus returning to heaven.

Together, we talk about Jesus and faith.

Discover more about Jesus and faith. Ask a question, find an answer.


What is the Christian holiday Easter all about? It’s about a story of something that looked like it had ended, but started all over again!

Good Friday

On Good Friday, Christians worldwide commemorate that Jesus was sentenced to death and crucified at Calvary. Religious leaders asked the Roman leaders to arrest Jesus for blasphemy. The story ends when He is crucified and died on a cross, just outside of Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday in Moskou

Palm Sunday

The last Sunday before Easter. At the beginning of Holy Week. The day that Jesus was welcomed into Jerusalem as King. But within a week he was crucified.

dove of pentecost


10 DAYS AFTER ASCENSION DAY. On this day the Holy Spirit appeared, to strengthen the believers. This is also viewed as the beginning of the Christian church.

Cross of Christ


The 40 days from Carnival until Easter are called Lent. Forty days of reflection, looking forward to Jesus’ death and resurrection. Many Christians will live a more temperate lifestyle than usual.

Clouds above trees

Ascension Day

Christians celebrate that Jesus ascended up to heaven 40 days after his resurrection.

The Float of the King Carnival parading in Patras, Greece


The Catholic festival of Carnival starts on a Sunday and lasts until Ash Wednesday and is for many people a happy festival. With Ash Wednesday the time of Lent starts which lasts until Easter.