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Welcome to the radio broadcast from Jesus.net!

You might be searching for music that inspires you. Or maybe you want to hear Gods voice. We believe that this radio broadcast will help you finding Gods heart and understanding Him more! Be inspired!

This broadcasting service is made possible by PraiseLive.

What are songs that inspire you the most? Share your taste with us or ask another question. We would love to get in contact with you!

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PraiseLive is a place where passionate lovers of Jesus come together to worship Him. Our vision is to see every tribe and nation experience Jesus together (see: Psalm 67). 

We began in a small town in rural Minnesota with a big vision. Thirty plus years later we are seeing the vision being fulfilled. People are worshipping all over the world. Many are coming to Jesus. God is restoring broken lives and filling them with purpose and hope. 

As you listen to the praise and worship on PraiseLive, we pray you will experience Jesus.  We pray you will look for the one around you who needs the hope, healing and a fresh revelation of who Jesus is. And we pray God will richly bless you as you seek Him.

Go to praiselive.org for more about PraiseLive!

Jesus.net is an international network of more than 85 Christian organizations and ministries who are engaged in online evangelism and discipleship. We see the impact in the lives of people. Every few seconds someone in the world decides that he or she wants to know more about Jesus. In 2018, we celebrated 15 million steps of faith. 

We have a huge dream, which we believe God gave us: Imagine a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growingin Jesus and sharing faith easily.

Through our collaboration with Praise Live, we want to encourage (new) Christians to strengthen and apply their faith. We also mobilize Christians to share their faith, online or with the people around them. And above all, we want to glorify the name of Jesus.

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