Share faith online

In times of closed church doors, people are looking for new possibilities to share their faith.

While churches are closing their physical doors due to the coronavirus, many are looking for new ways to live out faith. This opens the door to new (online) opportunities.

A closed church door opens new opportunities

Many churches have canceled their weekend services and events due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. However, this doesn't mean that we don't continue being a church. More than ever people are looking for something to hold on to, hope and perspective. There are countless opportunities online to gather as Christians. has always been focusing on online searchers and supports churches and searchers to find each other online.

Think out of the box

Many churches already think creatively and stream their services online. A pastor shares: “So you cannot come to us in the coming Sundays. However, we do our best to come to you! We want to continue being church until we can meet again and shake hands. ”

Let's think out of the box. The church walls disappear because everyone is at home. You don't have to go to church, but the church is coming to you. A special time to seek connection and to share our ideas and quest. An excellent opportunity to reach people outside the church. shares various options to use as a church, as a Christian, and as a seeker. We stand for creativity, unity, and trust.

Not everyone is active online. Make sure you look out for those people too.

Reach out to each other online!

How can we encourage each other in these times? Reach out to each other online and find out how you can read the Bible, pray for each other, and share faith online.

In the YouVersion Bible app, you can go through reading plans together. Invite your friends, family and church members to join a plan with you, for example this one about the Coronavirus.

Read this plan

How do we pray in troubled times like these? Jesus taught his disciples a simple, but powerful prayer, called: The Lord's Prayer. Since then, this prayer is prayed daily by millions of believers all around the world. The sand artist has visualized this prayer in a special way.

Watch it, and pray along with us.

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A team of over 9,000 people is ready to pray for you. Let us share our prayers, express our confidence in one another, and remain grateful, even in these difficult and uncertain times. Let us be united in prayer.

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Many churches offer an online church service. Reach out to your local church to find out where you can attend the online live stream.