Is Jesus God?

What are we supposed to make of this Jesus fellow? Who is Jesus? Is Jesus God? Or is he just an interesting historical figure? The Bible is filled with stories and quotes by the intriguing man. Even our era is based on him. Countless art pieces paint a picture of Jesus. You can interpret his life in so many ways. And if you think that Christians have the monopoly on Jesus, you are mistaking. Jesus plays an important part in a lot of other religions too. As one of many Gods, an important prophet or as an inspirator. But in the Christian faith the connection between God and Jesus is the greatest. The two are intertwined. 

Father & Son
In the Bible it is written that Jesus says: “Whoever sees me, sees the Father. Whoever knows me, knows the Father.” Jesus often talks about God in an intimate way. Like in a father-son relationship. God as the father and Jesus being the son. Jesus’ walk and talk reveals who God truly is. The words he speaks, come directly from God. Still the relationship between God and Jesus goes beyond that. Jesus and God are one. Intertwined. Inseparable. Jesus is God and God is Jesus. This is a key element in the christian faith. 

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