Delve into the timeless tale of Moses in the Bible and the Exodus, in this story of liberation, faith, and resilience. From the burning bush to the parting of Moses and the Red Sea and the ten commandments. Journey with Moses and the Exodus in this movie about the first five books of the bible. Questions? Feel free to ask our Chatbot! ????????????????????????

Moses, the Exodus and a story of ages

The story of Moses in the Bible and the Exodus is nothing short of remarkable. It  holds a central place in the collective consciousness of the Jewish people throughout the ages. It represents a powerful narrative of liberation, resilience, and divine intervention. The tale of a people's exodus from bondage in Egypt, led by the reluctant yet steadfast Moses, and their journey to the Promised Land, showcases themes of faith, courage, and the enduring covenant between God and the Jewish people. 

How the story of Moses and the Exodus still matters today

The story of Moses and the Exodus out of Egypt is not just an historical story. Throughout history the jewish people have had to live scattered across the entire world. Often in places where their safety was threatened or where their presence was merely tolerated. There have been many periods in history in which they had to live with debilitating circumstances: for example by only being allowed to work in certain demarcated areas of business and trade, or with a visual identification mark of their origins... Or even worse.

Moses' Miraculous Survival as an Infant

At one point in time the Isrealites found themselves living in an Egypt enclave, forced into slavery. They were even denied the freedom to bear sons, specifically sons. You see, the local dictator - the pharaoh - had considered that every Jewish boy had the risk of growing up to become a Jewish man and, even worse, to also become a rebel against his regime. Every male baby therefore was to be put to death. These are the times in which Moses' parents lived and Moses himself, against the odds, was born. A recipe for disaster. Or perhaps not?

Cunning midwives

You see, Moses’ mum Jochebed and his sister Miriam were two quite cunning women. When Moses was born, like most mothers, Jochebed instantly fell in love with him. He was a beautiful baby and it is likely that all instincts of loving protection were activated throughout the community. Little Moses was kept hidden for quite some time before another plan had to be devised.

Unwavering faith

This was it. Jochebed would put Moses in a weaved basket and line it with tar, so that it would float. They would put it in the river Nile, right at the time of day when the women of the Egyptian royal family would wash themselves by the river banks. Miriam would walk along the river to make sure the basket with Moses in it would stay afloat - and would be found by one of the royal women. Surely, their hearts would equally open to this beautiful baby boy as it had with Jochebed. All fine in theory, but still a huge risk. Or is it? Later on Jochebed would be credited for her unwavering faith and trust in God.

Moses adopted and returned

The plan worked. Moses got pulled from the river and was adopted by none other then the daughter of the pharaoh. And even better: was sent off with Miriam to be taken care of by one of the Israelite midwives: his own mother. In due time, the young boy would be ‘returned’ to the palace to receive his upbringing as a prince of Egypt.

By the banks of the river

But Moses’s story doesn’t end there. In fact, it ends years and years into the future and miles and miles away from the river Nile at the banks of an entirely new river: the river Jordan. It is there that this Israelite boy - who wasn’t supposed to be born, who turned from a prince into a murderer on the run, a shepherd in hiding and finally into the leader of his people - finished his long journey with God to fulfill the promise of a new land and a new covenant.

We invite you to experience this story of Moses in the Bible. A story of struggle, perseverance, faith, trust and patience and ultimately deliverance. A story that, in many ways, points to another man, set apart to save the children of God: Jesus Christ.

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