Healing people is a science, not an art…

JOHN 5:1-16

If you are sick you need medical treatment. Not some hocus pocus power. Yet Jesus claims he can speak words of healing. Can you believe it?

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Healing people is a science, not an art…

People who are sick need to go to a doctor or a hospital. Not to a shady charlatan, right? Someone who can heal by saying magic words. They say “The power of words”. Does something change when you say something? Can you heal a person by just using language? I can not easily imagine something like this. We need medicine or a medical operation to be healed. Just speaking to someone doesn’t change your physical condition, right?

Although, when you speak kind words to someone, this can change their day. Reading a book to a child can give a very safe and warm feeling. Words make some difference at least.

From Jesus’ life, we learn that his words have more power. He refers to his father, God, who speaks words and created the earth. We cannot imagine, but it was in Jesus’ head when he refers to this.

In Jesus’ days, some sick people went to a ' magic pool' to be healed. Every day the first person who would enter the water would be healed. Nowadays unbelievable but back in those days people really believed that power. But in this story one man is always too late because he has trouble walking. He never gets healed. But then he meets Jesus. He is filled with compassion and heals the man. Not by magic water but just by speaking words of power over him.

For today, we need to know that Jesus still has the same power. His words can do miracles. Therefore, Christians pray. They ask Jesus to speak His word for something can happen. So speak to Jesus and ask him to say words to you that make a difference. And learn to see the miracles that he does.

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