Looking into the future

John 19:17- 42

Do you believe people can predict the future? Jesus fulfilled many prophecies that were predicted in old important books.


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I remember the book '1984'. When it was released, thousands of people were curious if the events in the book would ever become a reality. The club of Rome is an organization that predicts events in the future and people wonder if their predictions come true. When things are predicted and really happen, it often proves the authority of the people that predicted.

In this part of the biography of Jesus, we read a lot about prophecies. John is explaining many things that were predicted in the past. And he said: "I wrote it down as an accurate report, so that we, as readers, would believe it." Most of the Jewish readers knew very well what was predicted about the savior. 

Let’s take a look at some of those predictions/prophecies in the Psalms and Isaiah, books from the Old Testament. These are only just a few examples. Apparently Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies in his life. For example: 

Giving Jesus vinegar: Psalm 69:21 

Divide cloths and throw dices for his robe: Psalm 22:18 

Speer in his side, not breaking his bones: Psalm 34:20 

Being buried in the grave of a rich man: Isaiah 53:9 

John, the writer of the biography of Jesus, wanted to prove that Jesus had fulfilled all those prophecies. Several other people confirmed at the time that his testimony was accurate. The biography was written down and became a witness for Jesus' life. 

By reading these predictions, are you intrigued? Does it convince you that Jesus is King? The son of God? The savior? Jesus said in this chapter: "It is done/completed." His purpose came to a climax. Do you believe it?

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