Making fun of people

John 19:1-16

Have people ever made jokes about you? It can make you feel helpless. Jesus was also a victim of bullying. But he chose not to say anything? Why not?

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This is a bad habit of human beings. Making fun of others. Have people ever made jokes about you? Made fun of you in public? Have you been bullied in your youth? Or perhaps even now? I have some bad memories about bullying when I was younger, at sports, school and in work.

Today we read and see that Jesus was the victim of bullying. He was helpless and not protesting. He accepted when soldiers made fun of him. When he was interviewed by Pilate, he was silent and accepted everything. Jesus did not answer Pilate at all this time.

But then Pilate said: "I have the authority to release you." Jesus answered: "You only have the authority because it is given to you. From heaven. By my father. And use the authority you have well." 

Pilate understood parts of what Jesus said. He tried to release Jesus after the interview. He saw Jesus was blameless. But could not stand against the crowd that wanted him to judge Jesus and crucify him. His power was limited. And Jesus accepted it all. Jesus did have the power to change his situation. But he accepted everything because he knew he was on a mission. He wanted to overcome bad  things in the world. Jesus wanted to obey. He knew what was at stake: eternal life without sin, bullying and making fun of people Jesus wanted to rescue the world from sin. He accepted everything. That makes him so special.

How do you handle bullying? Do you understand why Jesus accepted this treatment? 

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