No pain, no gain

John 16:16-33

Have you heard of the expression: no pain, no gain? Sometimes going through the pain is part of the solution. Jesus knows he has to face pain.

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No pain, no gain

I remember the birth of our first son. We were really looking forward to it. My wife had carried the baby in her womb for nine months. As a husband I had no idea how that felt and she was going through. The feelings, emotions, movements and the pain. As labour progressed, the pain increased. She was in so much agony. It was hard to observe and especially not being able to do anything. And of course harder for her to go through. But we both knew that she had to go through this pain to deliver the baby. Going through the pain was part of the solution. No pain, no gain.

In this part of the story, Jesus shares what is coming. He talks about his own death. He knows he has to face it. He needs to die, to be able to conquer death and sin. He has to go through all that in order to prevail. And even after his resurrection life will be hard. But he promises light at the end of the tunnel. Joy as an overflowing river. What a promise!

Please watch and read this part of Jesus' story carefully and adapt the truth within yourself. The best is yet to come.

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