The Life of Jesus

A Biography

The biography of Jesus is told by one of his closest followers who was also a first-hand witness of His life. John, son of Zebedee, is known for his work mostly reffered to as 'The Gospel of John'. One of the four major accounts about the life of Jesus.

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Is God a judge?

Everyone creates their own image of God. But it’s difficult to paint a complete picture. Jesus is the best reflection of God you will ever see.

Left alone

Even when you are surrounded by people, you can still feel lonely. Jesus promises never to leave you. You might not see him but listen closely to hear his voice.

Growing can be painful

In order for trees to grow and bear fruit, they need to be cut. The right way and at the right time. In our lives we can feel like we are being pruned too.

What if….?

People often question God because the world is full of suffering. They blame God. What are Gods intentions with us?

The little details

What would you do if you knew something bad would inevitably happen to someone you love? Jesus prepares his friends for his suffering.

No pain, no gain

Have you heard of the expression: no pain, no gain? Sometimes going through the pain is part of the solution. Jesus knows he has to face pain.