The speed of trust

JOHN 8:12-30

Trust is vital in any good relationship. But it can be hard to trust people. Will they keep their promise to love and care for you? Sometimes you make a choice to trust others. What about Jesus?

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The speed of trust

Do you know Steven Covey? The 7 habits of highly successful people? A very good book with life-lessons. Later, his son Franklin added an 8th value: Trust. He said: "Trust is a key aspect. Search for people you can trust! Not because you understand everything they do, but because you decided to trust them. That makes collaboration much easier."

These days many people are in favor of Jesus. Most people like him very much, because his teaching was very inspiring and is still a source of motivation for many people. But do we understand what he was teaching? And can you really trust him?

In Jesus’ life on earth, his teaching was not understood very well. The wise people in those days tried to understand him. But what Jesus was teaching was beyond their understanding. Jesus told them that his father was God. This did not fit into the frame of mind of the teachers of those days. 

Then Jesus said: "I am who I am". In his days the words 'I am', are reserved for God. Some people saw this as blasphemy. It was stretching their thinking too much.

But this story ends with many people deciding to believe in Jesus. They did not understand it all, but they made a decision. They decided to trust Jesus.

Today it's the same. Do you believe in Jesus and what he said? Maybe you don’t understand fully. But you can make a decision to trust Jesus. And that will change your life. Trusting Jesus might be the best you can do in your life. Discover Jesus!

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