What is the truth?

John 18:28-40

Sometimes it is hard to determine what is the truth? Life isn’t always black and white. In his final days Jesus claims to be THE truth. What does that mean?

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When I was young I thought the world was easy. Things were right or wrong. True or false. Black or white. Almost like science: you can prove if something is good or bad. But the reality isn't always that clear. When you promise something to a person, you can have a debate about the interpretation later. I thought I said one thing, people heard another. I get that a lot in my marriage and my family. Or discussions on the soccer field. Was it a penalty or not? Even a video referee does not always bring clarity. And do we deal with climate change or not? Even that causes many debates. What is the truth?

In the final moments of Jesus life, he is standing before Pilate. The ruler of the country. His decisions become laws. He has the power to set Jesus free. It is fascinating that Jesus is not trying to get free. Jesus tells him where he is from and what the purpose in his life is. Very honest and clear.

Then Pilate asks him if he is a king. Jesus replies: "I am King and people that care for truth recognize my voice." Pilate responds with: " What is the truth?" Even in those days, there were debates about the truth. Pilate did not understand it all, but he knew Jesus did nothing wrong. As a judge, he did not find any faults. As ruler of the country, he wanted to release Jesus. He knew Jesus had spoken the truth. He even calls Jesus: the King of the Jews.

What is your view on the truth? Can there ever be one truth? But what about Jesus? Do you believe him when he says he is THE truth? What does that mean?

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