The One who listens – by Elizabeth

When I went to my university, it was very far from home and I knew absolutely no one there. That was a big adjustment for me, because in high school and before that I always had lots of friends and put my identity in friendships, and sought acceptance from people. So moving to this new place was a huge change.

I remember one night specifically I was very upset about something, and I decided to text a friend. When I picked up my phone, I realized I had no one to text. I was filled with so much self pity, sadness, and loneliness, so I just started talking to God. Coming into my university, I was a Christian, so it was the only other thing I knew to do. As I talked to him, I realized that he cared about me. In a way he never had before, he helped me realize that I didn’t need to have so much self pity, but that he cared for me and I didn’t need to be lonely. The creator of everything knew me, and I could be his friend.

As I talked with God that night, I was filled with joy in understanding I didn’t need to have the most friends or have everyone like me. I didn’t need to be the most popular person; I didn’t even need to do the right things or live up to all the expectations that I felt others had for me. God accepted me for who I am. From then on, I’ve been comforted by my relationship with God, knowing I can pray and talk to him and he always listens to me and cares about me.


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