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Knowing God is an introduction website about the Christian faith and the message of Jesus. On the Knowing God website, people are introduced in the basics of the Christian faith by articles that explains how you can get to know God and how to follow Jesus. Every visitor is invited to make the next step in their journey of faith


“I’m attending a church now for 3 months, and also doing bible study Monday. I enjoyed a lot from what you’ve shared with me. I want to thank you, and God that He is bringing me back closer to Him.”


Main features

  • Understand the message of the gospel
  • Listen to or read personal stories of faith
  • Get personally connected with an e-coach



  • You need people to translate the content, but also personal stories of faith in your own language.
  • You need some volunteers who can communicate with people sending personal emails.
  • Also, you need someone responsible for promoting the website (marketing).

Time and budget

It depends on how you are investing in the promotion.