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Jesus.net is a worldwide network of over 85 organizations that are engaged in online evangelism and discipleship, with a common dream and strategy to help people take one step closer to Jesus every day.



Jesus.net has a huge dream that we believe that God gave us.

Together with other ministries, individuals and volunteers, we strive to make this dream a reality.


If you want to go quickly, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.
African proverb





People who have questions often go online to find answers. We created a strategy through which people can discover the Gospel online and grow in their faith, called the Stepping Stones strategy. We distinguish four phases in which we offer tools and websites.



ACCESS: We make a connection with people who are searching for faith, hope, love or answers to their questions.
KNOW: We present the Gospel and teach the searcher about the Christian faith. We invite people to respond/pray.
GROW: We encourage people to strengthen and apply their faith and provide tools for this, such as courses and email series.
SHARE: We mobilize Christians to share their faith online or with the people around them. We encourage them to become part of an offline community or church.

Each Jesus.net ministry partner provides quality follow-up for (new) believers in their language/area.


Partnerships are key within Jesus.net. We are a network of organizations and people working together. We share resources and responsibilities. Partners can use all the tools, technology, content and knowledge that is available in the network.




We focus on supporting people in their spiritual journey and we offer personalized content to help people grow in their faith.

We create (topical) web pages on big life questions or felt needs, such as fear or forgiveness, as well as free online courses through which people can learn more about Jesus and grow personally.
> CODEX is our interactive, online course platform.

We tell and distribute important stories that can have a life-changing impact.
> In Sandy Tales videos, an artist retells Bible stories through sand art. These videos can easily be used in families, churches or outreach projects.
> The movie “The Life of Jesus” is a word- for-word account of the Gospel of John, available in over 20 languages.

We help people grow as disciples of Jesus and encourage them along the way.
> A Miracle Every Day is a daily, biblical encouragement email.
> Explore a specific theme from a biblical perspective through YouVersion reading plans.

Together with our partners, we create inspiring publications, organize events around the globe and encourage people to share their testimony with others.



Jesus.net is an international network, consisting of over 85 organizations and thousands of volunteers. An enthusiastic support team (based in the Netherlands) supports and serves the entire network regarding various areas of (online) ministry. They focus on innovation and optimization of the projects and tools. They are led by the Executive Team, that also focuses on the worldwide implementation of the strategy and expanding the movement. The Board of Supervision keeps the Executive Team focused on the dream, strategic priorities and sees to their spiritual well-being. The overall purpose of this supporting structure is to increase global impact and, at a local ministry level, see people take a step closer to Jesus every day.




Collaboration is the key within Jesus.net. At first, two different organizations had the dream to share the Gospel online. In 2001, an e-learning course to connect searchers with local Christians (WhyJesus?) was created in the Netherlands. In 2005, a website explaining the Gospel (KnowingGod) started in France. They started working together by sharing vision, concepts, technology and linking to each other. For many years, we called this collaboration the “Jesus Internet project”. At that time, we already saw that the Kingdom of Jesus needed these unconditional partnerships, where the only focus is bringing the Good News of Jesus to people through the Internet. In 2009, we started using the name “Jesus.net” and the network started growing. Ministries from many different countries joined. We quickly realized that we needed to have a structure to organize the movement. In 2012, the Jesus.net non-profit was founded in the Netherlands and an Executive Team and Board were established.




Jesus.net is a movement of people sharing the same vision. We’d love for people and organizations that share our dream and DNA to join our network.


You can help online searchers find answers to their questions, give people new perspective and experience up close how Jesus changes lives.

Join our prayer team! By signing up, you’ll receive a weekly email inviting you to pray for several people and prayer requests.
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Use your talents and time for the Kingdom. For example: become an e-coach or translator!
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Through your financial support, you are contributing to the enhancement and development of innovative tools to reach people in
their countries, languages and cultures.
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When you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll keep you updated about what’s happening throughout the network and new tools that you can use!
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Together we are better!