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Home | Who we are | Story sheet is a global international network of more than 85 Christian organizations and ministries who are engaged in online evangelism and discipleship. We see the impact in the lives of people. Every few seconds someone in the world decides that he or she wants to know more about Jesus.

WHY: DREAM has a huge dream, which we believe God gave us:

Imagine a world with every single person having free access to the Gospel, knowing God, growing in Jesus and sharing faith easily.

We believe this dream can become a reality. Worldwide, 4.2 billion people have access to the Internet in 2018. Projections show that over 5 billion people are expected to have Internet access in 2020. This growth will continue the following years. Just imagine that all these people can find and share the Gospel online… 




Stepping Stones

We created a strategy through which searchers can discover the Gospel online. We call it the “Stepping-Stones Strategy”. The picture above shows the different phases, in which we offer tools and websites for people who are searching on the Internet. It also shows that Christians are needed to come alongside searchers to help them find their way to Christ.  The phases are:

Access: We make a connection with people who are searching for faith, hope, love or for answers to their ‘life-questions’ 

Know: We present the Gospel, for example through KnowingGod and invite people to respond/pray

Grow: We encourage (new) Christians to strengthen and apply their faith and provide tools for this, such as courses and apps

Share: We mobilize Christians to share their faith, online or with the people around them

This process corresponds to the spiritual journey of people. We hope that searchers find their way to offline relationships with Christians in a local church or through an Alpha course, for example.


Collaboration is one of the most important values of Different partners that we support and that support our work are: 

  • Ministry partners who run the local ministries and connect searching people to local communities.
  • Content partners who provide content like movies, products and texts that can be used by the partners to reach people.
  • Technology partners who develop (innovative) tools and help us stay cutting edge.
  • Prayer partners who are of the utmost importance to spiritually support our ministry and work.
  • Financial partners who donate generously and join us in our combined effort to reach the world with the Gospel.


Below, some of our projects and tools (in the different phases) are described. 


  • Landingpages: Topical web pages on felt needs or big life questions, such as the Dutch website, meaning ‘I want to die’. We connect the issue to an element of the Gospel, in this case ‘hope’. 
  • Sandy Tales: Stories from the Bible told through videos with sand-art. 


  • KnowingGod: A presentation of the Gospel in many different languages, followed by an invitation to take next steps. 
  • A Miracle Every Day: A daily e-mail newsletter with a fresh encouragement about the living God, in several languages.  


  • CODEX Courses: An opportunity to learn about and grow in various aspects about the Christian faith and grow personally. 
  • LikeJesus: This app triggers people to focus on (the Word of) God every day and provides reading plans.


  • A platform on which Christians can share testimonies of what God has done in their lives.


Daily, thousands of people online declare that they want to know more about Jesus. Now, in July 2018, over 15 million people worldwide have made this decision.  People, who came in touch with one of our tools, often let us know how it has impacted their life. 

ORGANIZATION AND TEAM is a network of more than 75 organizations. In the Netherlands, we have an enthusiastic team of 15 people that work hard to support the partners all over the world. Their focus is to innovate, support and facilitate the use of different tools and projects in over 35 languages. is led by an Executive Team. Worldwide, thousands of volunteers, such as e-coaches, support the network and help us to make the dream a reality.   


Collaboration is the key within At first, two different organizations had the dream to share the Gospel online. In 2001, an e-learning course to connect searchers with local Christians (WhyJesus) was created in the Netherlands. In 2005, a website explaining the Gospel (KnowingGod) started in France. They started working together by sharing vision, concepts, technology and linking to each other. For many years, we called the collaboration the “Jesus Internet project”. At that time, we already saw that the Kingdom of Jesus needed these unconditional partnerships, where the only focus is bringing the Good News of Jesus to people through the Internet. In 2010, we started using the name “” and the network started growing. Ministries from many different countries joined. We quickly realized that we needed to have a structure to organize the movement. In 2012, the non-profit was founded in the Netherlands and an Executive Team and Board were established.