Why I Write This Miracle?

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Yesterday, you subscribed for A Miracle Every Day and today, you should have already received your first “Miracle” in your inbox. Congratulations!! I would like to thank you personally for your trust.

I promised you a gift when you registered. It might be that you missed it. Hereby your free e-book! “Kickstart Your Day with a Fresh Encouragement: 25 Messages for a Healthy Spiritual Life”

I have received testimonies from many people whose lives have been transformed…they discovered God’s unique, personal love for them and emailed me that it completely changed their lives! I pray that you’ll also experience miracles! God wants to work in your life too, friend!

So, each day I’m going to share my experiences with you. My emails are personal. I’ll share my life, with its weaknesses and strengths. I will be vulnerable and tell you how God has helped me, spoken to me, blessed me, and lifted me up so many times. And my greatest desire is that He does the same for you as well as through you. I pray that you become a source of blessings for others by sharing all that God is doing in your life!

Let’s go on this adventure, and welcome to A Miracle Every Day!!

Thanks for existing!

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