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walk with Jesus

Walk with Jesus

In 7 Days with Jesus: Walk with Jesus, travel with Jesus and His disciples while studying His life and teachings.

Turning your back on Pornography

This 14-day course will encourage you to change your life.


Learn more about extending and receive grace as you live, lead and influence people.

Resurrected from the dead

Witness and examine Jesus’ power over death, His resurrection power, in your life!


Let prayer become a reality in your life and that become able to say that you are in contact with God!

Money and posessions

In this course, Jesus will challenge us in the handling of our money and possessions.

Talks with Jesus

Discover and learn more about Jesus by looking at seven talks Jesus had, when he walked on this earth.

Give, Save and Spend

In this world, it seems like money is the most important thing to have. But is this the truth?