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Hi there! Did you discover Jesus already? Let's continue on your journey, here is an overview of all our courses. Find your course, enroll and enjoy the learning experience individually or together with your small group and an e-coach!

Walk with Jesus

walk with Jesus

In 7 Days with Jesus: Walk with Jesus, travel with Jesus and His disciples while studying His life and teachings.

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Turning your back on Pornography

This 14-day course will encourage you and change your life.

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The I AM series

You will have a chance to examine seven staggering statements Jesus makes in the Gospel of John, and consider how His statements are relevant to you today.

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Talks with Jesus

What if you met Jesus? In real life? Through this course, you’ll discover and learn more about Jesus by looking at seven talks Jesus had, when he walked this earth.  

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Resurrected from the dead

In this 7-segment video series you will witness Jesus' power over death and examine the significance of His resurrection to your life.

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Money and posessions

In 6 Days with Jesus: Money and Possessions, Jesus will challenge us in the handling of our money and possessions.

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In 7 Days with Jesus: Grace, journey with Jesus to learn more about extending and receive grace as you live, lead and influence people.

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Give, Save and Spend


In this world, it seems like money is the most important thing to have. You CAN’T do anything WITHOUT it and you CAN do everything you want WITH it… But is this the truth?

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Psychiatrist Bram Bakker is no stranger to violent human emotions. Yet, he was shocked by the level of hatred tangible in the room during a court session of a murder case. There was zero interest for the perpetrator’s motives. Of course not, for there is no excuse. The offender must be punished. End of story. For Bram Bakker, however, it does not end there.

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40 Days with Jesus

In 40 Days with Jesus journey with Jesus through His life and ministry here on earth and learn how he wants you to live, lead and
influence people.

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