Trust Him fully!

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Sometimes, your life or future may seem so precarious that you feel like you’re at the edge of a chasm, or abyss…and there’s land on the other side, but it seems so far away…So you think, how can I jump far enough to get to the other side, this next step, when I’m so weak and discouraged?

God is telling you, “Jump!”


You’ve definitely thought about it, but doesn’t God know that you’re not capable of jumping so far? The chasm is far too wide to cross…

And yet…“Jump!,” the Almighty God again says to you.

So, at the end of your resources, having no other alternative than to trust, you jump…!

You knew it…the chasm is indeed too large, and you’re not going to make it to the other side. You tell yourself that it’s over, finished…

And then suddenly, your feet hit a rock…a boulder! There was a boulder down below that your eyes weren’t able to see before! And because of this boulder, you’re able to successfully reach the other side!

My friend, may this story remind you that you can always trust God…He always has a plan for you! Jesus is your rock.

His Word, His promises are worthy of your trust…God will never abandon you. Today, God is empowering you to reach the other side!


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