What are you going to ask God today?

04 Jan 2017

Today, I invite you to discover this beautiful prayer from an orthodox monk…Thank you, Elisabeth, one of ‘A Miracle Every Day’s’ faithful readers, for sending it to me!

  • At the dawn of this new day, Lord, I come to ask You for peace, wisdom, and strength.
  • I want to look at the world today as You Yourself see it.
  • Help me to see only the good in each person.
  • Guard my ears from all slander and protect my mouth from speaking it.
  • I want only thoughts of blessing to occupy my mind.
  • I pray that I am so welcoming and so joyful that all who meet me feel Your presence and that I reveal You, Lord, to others throughout this day.

At the dawn of a new day, what will you ask God?