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SandyTales - Psalm 23

Psalm 23

It is perhaps the most famous psalm in the Bible: Psalm 23 about ‘The LORD is my shepherd …’.

SandyTales - Psalm 139

Psalm 139

You are amazing. Did you know that? God created you, and He knows everything. Wherever you are, He is there. He is in the light with you, He is in the darkness with you. He is even in hell with you.

SandyTales - The prodigal son

Prodigal Son

Jesus once told a story about a father with two sons. The youngest wanted to leave the house with the money he would receive after the death of his father. His father lets him go.

SandyTales - Moses


‘Let my people go!’ That was what Moses requested from Pharao. He was there to release the Hebrew slaves in the name of the God if the Israelites.

SandyTales - good friday and easter

Good Friday and Easter

The cross is the most well-known symbol for Christians. It’s the symbol of the horrible death of Jesus Christ. But that’s not all.

SandyTales - Easter Morning


Can you imagine what you will feel when a good friend is gone? One of Jesus’ friends wanted to mourn at his grave. On the early Easter morning, Mary Magdalene was going to the tomb where they buried him.

You cannot imagine humanity without the stories we tell each other. All these stories are defining how we are living our lives. Through Sandy Tales we’re telling the ancient Bible stories through sand art. All these stories are opening windows to God’s reality.

God’s stories with mankind through all the centuries are bringing hope, comfort and life and are connecting people with God. So, be inspired by these beautiful stories, open your heart and let the stories change you!

meet the artist

Ever wondered who is creating all these beautiful stories? Well, let us introduce you to our sand artist, Harm van Schaik.

He started a few years ago with drawing the first scenes in sand on a piece of wood, trying to tell the story of creation in a new way. Now, after millions of views of the Sandy Tales videos, he is still telling all kind of different Bible stories.

When he’s drawing one scene he often changes something in the picture and the whole scene is transforming on your screen to something brand new. Every time you see it, you will be amazed. And touched.