The Life of Jesus

A Biography

The biography of Jesus is told by one of his closest followers who was also a first-hand witness of His life. John, son of Zebedee, is known for his work mostly reffered to as 'The Gospel of John'. One of the four major accounts about the life of Jesus.

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According to Facebook you have a great life…..

Jealousy is all around. We compare ourselves with others. We want to feel important. In this story people ask John how he feels about Jesus outshining him. His answer is extraordinary.

Do I know you..?

I think I know who you are, but I can’t remember… Have you been in a similar situation? In this story we meet a woman who thinks Jesus is a strange man. Yet she recognizes him as someone very important.

How to start a movement?

Movement doesn’t start by itself. Something or someone has to set things in motion. If you are inspired by someone, you often share your enthusiasm. People who met Jesus did too!

Trust nobody!

Can you ever really trust someone? In this story we meet an important man, who’s desperate for his son is ill. Jesus promises to help him. But can he be trusted?

Healing people is a science, not an art…

If you are sick you need medical treatment. Not some hocus pocus power. Yet Jesus claims he can speak words of healing. Can you believe it?

Jesus is … multiple choice

People have different opinions about Jesus and most are positive. You can see Jesus in various ways. But the question is how does Jesus want you to see him?