According to Facebook you have a great life…..

JOHN 3:22-36

Jealousy is all around. We compare ourselves with others. We want to feel important. In this story people ask John how he feels about Jesus outshining him. His answer is extraordinary.

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According to Facebook you have a great life…..

Jealousy is all around. We live in a world where we compare all the time. We put our best pictures on Facebook, we show our successes on Instagram and share with everyone how good we are. I love getting new gadgets. A new phone, a new watch. I do all I can to get it, but when I have it, I am used to it very soon and want something new, better, nicer.

In this story of Jesus’ biography, we read that the students of John, the great baptist, are arguing with him. John was one of the biggest teachers of that time. He was compared to the most well-known prophet of the old times Elijah. John was preaching and baptizing.

And then Jesus appears to the scene. He is first baptized by John. John didn’t want to baptize Jesus at first because he saw the greatness of Jesus, but he finally he does. And then, a few months later, Jesus is baptizing too and the students of John asked him: “Are you not jealous?”

John said: “He must become more important, while I become less important”. That is really special. Can you imagine saying that about someone? I cannot imagine that for a normal person. That is so non 21st century language.

But the key is in the sentence before: John admits that Jesus is the Messiah, the Savior. Get to know Jesus as the Messiah. I started getting to know him and yes, I too can say: He must be more important in my life as I become less important every day!

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