The Life of Jesus

A Biography

The biography of Jesus is told by one of his closest followers who was also a first-hand witness of His life. John, son of Zebedee, is known for his work mostly reffered to as 'The Gospel of John'. One of the four major accounts about the life of Jesus.

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The foreknowledge of Jesus

Would you want to know what comes next in your life? Jesus is aware of what lies before him: ultimately death. Yet he trusts in Gods timing.

What is your conclusion about Jesus?

You may have heard many stories and opinions about Jesus. In the end it comes down to the question: what do you think about him?

Be careful. Don’t trust a guru….

The best way to form an opinion about someone is to meet them in person. The best way to determine how you feel about Jesus is to meet him. But how?

You are guilty!

We all judge people for making mistakes yet we all make mistakes too. In this story Jesus protects an adulterous woman for the condemnation of her community. Why?

The speed of trust

Trust is vital in any good relationship. But it can be hard to trust people. Will they keep their promise to love and care for you? Sometimes you make a choice to trust others. What about Jesus?

Are you really free?

Have you ever made a mistake and tried to hide it? Did that make you feel better or worse? Often hiding makes us feel even more bad. Jesus says: let go!