The Bible is full of miracles that speak of a living God. He is the God that makes the impossible, possible! He makes all things work together for good. He wants to bless you! ‘A Miracle Every Day’ will help you develop your faith and experience the presence and power of God!

Express your worship to the Lord in total freedom!

Have you ever stood in God’s presence and been struck…

Praise that liberates!

Do you ever say to yourself that your wounds are so deep that nothing could heal them? That your past is so horrible that nothing could ease the suffering it causes you? There is hope for you…

May praise spring forth from your mouth!

How good it is to praise God! While we do it first and foremost to glorify the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I have come to realize how much it also does us good. Yes, praise frees us and enables us to soar to the heights! 

You can call your counselor ⚖️

I’m praying that you will be able to start or continue the forgiveness process today. It’s liberating. You may not be able to change people, but you can be empowered by letting go and letting God. 

Are you willing to yield?

The coronavirus brought me to my moment of yielding. We have almost 100 staff members in Las Vegas and teams around the world. The ministry was expanding, but then all of a sudden, our doors were locked.

Never give up, never surrender

I believe that your miracle is just beyond your greatest effort. Your breakthrough is just one more day of faithfulness or one more act of kindness. Please make a decision to never quit, and watch God respond in the nick of time.

Why did Jesus return to heaven?

The disciples and more than 500 people had seen and experienced the resurrected Jesus. That must have been so amazing. Jesus could walk through walls, appear and disappear, and defy all the laws of nature.

Dare to persevere

Dare to come into My presence, to take the step of trust. Dare, don’t be afraid to keep pressing forward, rise up and don’t stop. Dare, you know you were born for this, for a life of faith with Me.

Keep going – He is with you

With Jesus, you will overcome the battles you face, have the ability to go that last mile that seems impossible, infeasible, out of the question. Because it’s His life, His heart, His Spirit that’s in you, my friend!