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AMED 38.06

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How do you feel this morning? Happy to start the day and motivated? Or do you feel down, already discouraged when you consider the 359 days left of the year before you?

This week, we’ve seen that we must…

  • Choose our thoughts carefully,
  • Meditate on the Word of God,
  • Write down in a journal what God says,
  • Invite the Holy Spirit,
  • And cultivate joy.

These are good habits to maintain all year round. However, do you find doing so to be a tricky, if not impossible, challenge? You’ll be able to develop and maintain these healthy, holy habits by one thing alone the last habit that we’ll discuss this week: staying connected to what’s most important: Jesus Himself.

Every day, you have a choice which “frequency” you’re going to connect to: joy or sadness, faith or fear, God’s voice or the world’s voice.

So, before starting your day, do the same thing I do: connect your mind to the right frequency, the Word of God, and listen to His voice. Receive the joy of the Lord and express how grateful you are to Him. Let your heart and inner being be filled with the Holy Spirit until overflowing, nourishing your thoughts with the holy Scriptures.

Stay connected to your God today and all year round! 

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. Jyoti Swarankar on 06/01/2020 at 3:49 PM

    Wish you a blessed and meaningful New Year 2020!!!

    May it be a 2020 vision year for you, your family, relationships and service to the Lord!

    Thank you for the wise words in today’s message. As I read it I felt this hunger rise in me for the Lord and relationship with Him. I desire to come closer to Him each day of this year!!

    Thank you Br. Eric, I so appreciate your labor in the Lord for His body – us all. I pray God will keep drawing you close to Himself each day of this year!

    With Love, in Christ, Jyoti

  2. Salihu Ibrahim on 06/01/2020 at 9:21 PM

    Peace Jyoti @siworld,thank you but Jyoti i’ll like to know you more and i want you to tell me the true sincerely peacefully in a good mood.
    Jesus is a gift to his mother,warning to mankind and big lesson to mankind,God is with everybody but He like who pray seeking God help who care much about God rich or poor men or women.
    God want you to do good work,help the people,help the needies,say the true clean yourself stay neat,pay good visit to friends, relatives,sick people and if possible make them smile.

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