Do you want to succeed?

16 May 2018

I invite you to meditate on these words as coming from the Lord for you:

What type of reward are you working for?

What crown do you weary yourself to earn?

A crown that will fade, or one that will remain?

Success, true success, which doesnt diminish over time, comes from Me.

This world finds value in possessions and glory, while I speak of restoration, healing, and forgiveness.

Let Me inspire you and fill you with what is from Me.

Consider Joseph, Daniel, and Nehemiah.

They gave wise counsel and made the right decisionsby My Spirit.

What I do, succeeds.

What I bless, bears fruit.

What I give life to, multiplies.

I have so much in store for you

But will you take time with Me?

Like a father, I want to guide you,

Teach you, walk alongside you.

Rely on My Word, on My Spirit.

And put each day of your life into My hands so that you bear good fruit!”

References: Psalm 128:1-2, Ecclesiastes 2:24, Daniel 1:19-21, Genesis 41:39