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Did you know that today is Giving Tuesday, a day set apart during the holiday season for people across the globe to give generously, volunteer their time to help those in need, and support organizations they believe in? This week, “A Miracle Every Day” is raising financial support. Would you ask the Lord if He would have you give today with a monthly or special gift? If so, please click here, and thank you so much!

The Bible reveals that we all need each other. For example…

  • Moses passed leadership on to Joshua, who helped him with a good part of his ministry (Exodus 24:13)   
  • Ruth needed Boaz’s help to ensure provision for her and Naomi (Ruth 3:16)  
  • Gideon was accompanied by 300 men to save his people (Judges 7:7)  
  • Jesus Himself, who had all power and thus “didn’t need anyone,” chose to request Peter and John’s help all the same (Luke 22:8) He also received financial support from a group of women who contributed from their own resources. (Luke 8:1-3)

Whatever the mission God has entrusted to you, He places people around you who are also there to accomplish the mission God has entrusted to them.

We need each other, and God wanted this to be so…He knew that joining together as a team and rising above our differences would make us grow enormously, as well as make HIS work grow enormously!

It is just the same for “A Miracle Every Day.” If you’ve been blessed by these daily emails, would you consider giving into this work so that even more lives can be encouraged, restored, and transformed?

Together, let’s advance the Kingdom of God for His glory!

My friend, on this Giving Tuesday, I would love for you to partner with us by giving financially so that people all over the world can receive the gift of encouragement! “A Miracle Every Day” is now available in 11 languages. “A Miracle Every Day” really needs your support so it can continue to be sent and developed!! You may click here for the link to give. Thank you in advance for your generous gift! Let’s advance His Kingdom by giving into His Kingdom! 

Thanks for existing!


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